9th July 2020

As of 8th July, Severn Way Play Area remains closed. The council is meeting on 15th July to make a decision on whetehr to re-open. The government guidamce on re-opneing is complex and raises numerous issues which need to be considered before a decision can be made.

3rd July 2020

The parish council play area at present remains closed. Whilst play areas may open from 4th July, there are a number of steps which need to be taken to assess if it is safe to re-open.The parish council will meet to discuss this on 8th July. Until then the play area remains closed.

14th May 2020

CRESSAGE BRIDGE - I thought people may be wondering what’s happening with the bridge as I have had a person ask. The situation is that when SC went to repair a pothole on the footway they found a void underneath. They have asked engineers to take a look and assess. In the meantime, the bridge is under lights. There may be a need to close the bridge completely but will know more when SC have investigated.  As yet there is no timescale for repairs. The parish council will keep on pursuing this and update when more is known

26th March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest challenges our society has seen and we are grateful to the community for coming together to fight this. Key info can be found here:



The parish council has had to make some changes to how it operates during the coronavirus pandemic. The key changes are

1) Severn Way play area will be fully closed until further notice

2) The recreation ground next to the school remains open but equipment areas on the site are closed

3) The 1st April council meeting is cancelled. Further meetings are under review.

4) The parish council has set up arrangements to deal with urgent business via email - please email chsparishcouncil@gmail.com with any parish matters


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