Cressage (Christ's Oak),originated at a crossing place of the River Severn, first a ford and then a bridge, the small settlement clustering along the main route to the river but on a sand and gravel terrace above the floodplain. From small beginnings Cressage has grown considerably, predominantly since the second world war and is the largest of the three villages in the parish. It occupies a compact area mostly east of the A458 and because of good communications in all directions has become a commuter settlement. Cressage has more facilities than the other two villages having a primary school, pre-school provision, a medical centre, shop and part-time post office. There are regular bus services to Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock and Bridgnorth.


Harley was originally sited around the church on the main road from Wenlock Edge to the river.When the By-pass was built became a quiet place to live although the regular bus service to Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock and Bridgnorth passes through the village. Much of the village is designated as a Conservation Area and many of the buildings are made of local stone.


Sheinton is a mile east of Cressage. It is a very dispersed village with something of a centre around the church but largely spread out along the old road to Much Wenlock. Of the three villages, Sheinton has the most "agricultural atmosphere" and since the 1980s when farming activities were in decline has benefitted from considerable building renovation and barn conversions.


Parish Council meetings usually happen monthly, with the exception of August, and usually take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. details can be found on the meetings page

The Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was adopted in 2017 and a copy of the Plan and Action Plan are below.

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